Broccoli for Breakfast Keeps You Young

Do you want to know how to sleep better, have more energy, better sex, be more patience with your family, get your skin to glow, and your nails to grow. This can help


A few months ago I ran into my girlfriend Gail. It had been close to a year since I had last seen her. Gail is a beautiful women, but she looked much younger, and had so much energy. I needed to know what her secret was. I just turned 50 and I wanted to know her trick to aging backwards.


Most women like to hide their secrets, but Gail couldn’t wait to share hers. Now I can’t wait to tell you. She told me that she was having a Green Smoothie every morning. A simple drink that is chockfull of fruits and vegetables. In one drink you can get your whole day worth of vitamins and minerals in a smooth, delicious, nutritious drink.


Gail soon made me her magic potion and it was delicious. The secret is being able to blend greens such as kale, broccoli, spinach, and more into a tasty morning drink.

I was so satisfied with this drink, I wanted to introduce it to my four teenagers and my husband who never consumed anything green. Thanks to Gail I was able to review and keep a Vitamix. I have been so impressed with the power, the ease, and the versatility of this blender I have launched a whole series of videos that highlight some of the recipes that I love. This product has change the way me and my family eat, the way I look and feel, and it’s been the best kitchen gadget I have ever owned. It has saved me time, money, and my health.


The Vitamix is an amazing blender, it came with a cook book that included many simple recipes from soup to nuts. The power of the motor is what makes the Vitamix so useful. I have been able to blend broccoli, ice, grapes, cucumbers and apples into a quick easy breakfast in less then 30 seconds. You can also cook a fresh soup in the Vitamix. If you take that same broccoli and blend at a high speed add some broth, onion, in a few minuets you will have a steaming hot soup.


Valentines day gift under 5 bucks! Easy, quick, and fun

Going back to my old show Twobroadscasting…this was a good one for Valentines Day…and I looked a lot younger…

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