Madonna “Like a Boomer” at the Super Bowl

Being a boomer is not an easy thing to admit for me and inside I still feel like I’m 29 – but my outside says something a bit different. Watching the press events with Madonna it seems that she has been able to turn back and hold off the hands of time.

Website for this image Madonna speaks at the Super Bowl XLVI Haltime Show press conference

How did she do that? (OK we all know how she did some of it)

Each time I hear her voice come on the TV I run over grab my TiVo and freeze the screen, I’m looking for any hints that she is truly 52 years old. Yes you can have face work, lipo, laser and more, but as a boomer we know some things we can’t hide.  I’m looking at her knees, a droop in the neck, please anything so I can relate and see she too is ageing. Oh I can see just a hint in her elbow. Phew

Back in the 80′s when I was in my 20′s Madonna was at the top of her game. She was outrageous, outspoken, creative, innovative and controversial. I love the fact that she is doing the Super Bowl half time show, it makes me feel relevant in a strange way.

I have been married for over 25 years in a row to the same guy. We have four grown children, and just like Madonna, Demi, Rosie, and Heather I’m a boomer too. So in honor of “Madge” I have taken the liberty to rewrite one of her songs as maybe she would now change it and sing it now that she is over 50.

Sing this to the song “Like a Virgin” by Madonna

I made it through my midlife crisis
somehow I made it through
didn’t know how lost I was
but my body still brand-new
I still need to compete
with the upcoming Hollywood elite
but my arms are guns for real
come over and take a feel
shiny and new
like a Boomer
aging like a fine wine
like a Boomer
knowing how to stop time
it’s all mine
Gonna give you all my moves boy
at the Super Bowl show
Been saving it all for you
to show you this boomer can last
I’m so fine I can stop time
I’m so dam strong, even wear a thong
and my lover is so young
and his mom and I get along
and it’s fine she was a big fan of mine
Like a Boomer
able to stop time
Like a Boomer
showing women over 50 we can still look 29
yes 29 – ooh ooh ooh
I’m so fine
I don’t have one wrinkle line
My arms are strong and work fine
even my legs are well defined
I can show other Boomers how to feel
That my life is and can be real
We got nothing to hide
Like a Boomer
able to stop time
Like a Boomer
Ready for Super Bowl time
Showing the whole world
That Madonna is still fine
She’s a Boomer
She’s a Boomer
Boomer Super Bowl Ready
Boomer Super Bowl Ready
ooh ooh ooh
ooh ooh ooh

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T.J. Maxx For Back to School & Dorm Decor

I just sent 3 kids off to college, and I saved a bit of money, a lot of time, and found items that were in trend, built to last, and my kids liked them..How did I make that happen?


Last week I was invited with some other Chicago mom bloggers to preview a T.J. Maxx & Marshalls Back-to-School fashion show. Author, Blogger, and Fashion expert Audrey McClelland of and Audrey  has worked with T.J. Maxx for over three years as a spokesperson and was on hand to give us some shopping tips for back to school. Some of  the fashions and some of Audreys tips…

Here are some of the latest trends to have in their wardrobe as they head back to school this year:


From sweater tunics and legging sets to more sophisticated denim ensembles, little girls will flaunt their individual style with some of the following trends:

  • Tops:  Long and short sleeve tops in stripes and two-fer styles; some will even come with attached necklaces.
  • Sweaters:  Sweaters and sweater dresses with cowl necks, belts, hoods and dolman sleeves.
  • Jeans:  Skinny and bootleg jeans in dark washes with belts, back pocket detail and embellished legs.
  • Outerwear:  Hooded fleece, pleather jackets, brightly colored trench coats and double breasted pea coats.


T.J. Maxx also has scouts shopping for new items 40 weeks during the year to keep inventory fresh.

  • 10,000 items arrive in T.J. Maxx stores each week Size:  There is tremendous buying power behind two national chains. T.J. Maxx has more than 950 stores in the US. Marshalls has more than 870 stores in the US and Puerto Rico.
  • Buying closer to need: Traveling 40+ weeks per year to negotiate with more than 14,000 vendors in over 60 countries (vs. department stores who buy seasonally) offers more opportunity to score great deals.

I found great dorm items, lot’s of kitchen gadgets for my son living in Brooklyn, and was thrilled with the selection of clothes that are hot now, and my kids liked them. So take a look at T.J. Maxx is so much more than just the run of the mill (mall)  items. Save Time, Money, and happy kids all in one store shopping trip…I’m happy

3 Kids in college – Shop Smart


Tonight on Twitter, you can join the discussion with Marshalls and T.J.Maxx they are having a Back to School Twitter party tomorrow, August 25th from 8 -9 p.m. EST join them for a chance to win $50 gift cards! You can find us using the #MarshallsTJMaxx hashtag.


-          The hottest trends and must-have looks for students this school year – and how to find them up to 60 percent less than department or specialty store prices

-          How to cut back on multi-store trips and find key essentials and supplies under just one roof

-          Tips and tricks styling kids to earn that “best dressed” designation in the hall!



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