Infographic Intervention – Needed or Not?

I have a new obsession. I can’t say I’m quite addicted, but I might need an infographic intervention. If you’re not familiar with the term, here is the web definition: Information graphics, or infographics, are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. I love them because I’m a visual learner. Show me, don’t tell me.

An infographic has the same information as a text document, but adds graphics to appeal to visual learners like me. Infographics are usually brightly colored and visually stimulating, with different text sizes and lots of fun little pictures. I’m so in love with infographics that I will look at them no matter what the topic is. If you can Google something, you’ll probably find an infographic on it.

I have heard that some folks hate infographics. They think they’re cluttered, overly long, and contain dubious data that is not properly sourced or referenced. Sometimes people don’t like the way infographics try to combine statistics and explanations. I agree that at times there’s not a lot of real take away from the infographic box, but I like the sound bites, words of advice, and interesting trivia that I can pass along.

You can find infographics on everything from the cost of dating, to Mac vs. PC. Just Google a subject and look for infographics on it. I’d love to hear about some of your favorites.

Here’s an infographic on social media detox. You can create infographics on any subject; just collect enough data, cite your sources, and then plug-and-play. There are various sites that will help you create your own infographics.

What are your thoughts on this one:

Infographics give me information that I might not get if it was in a text document, and the stats, facts, and visuals make the topic memorable, relevant, and fun. I’m always looking for the next interesting and cool infographic to follow. Join me on Pinterest to find out more about what infographics I’m pinning.

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