They got into my house – A taxing issue

On December 16th, we drove up to our house, things looked fine.

We walked into the house – it felt a bit cold – was the heat not working, did I leave a window open, and why was there so much mud on the floor?

As I’m looking around, my husband asks to my daughter, why did she
leave the back door open and track in that mud?

I reacted and said, “Let’s get out of here, someone is in the house.”

We dialed 911 – and that is where this journey, and the worry started.
I still don’t know how much time it’s going to take to recover,
reclaim, retrace and take stock of all the items that were taken when
our house was broken into and robbed. Let alone now its tax time and
tax-time Identity Theft is a common concern this time of year. I have
four working teenagers and waiting for their tax documents to arrive
is hard to track.


The robbery has been a paperwork nightmare. Also  upsetting to know
that someone was in my valued and sacred space, it’s been
heartwrentching having to list all the items taken. My grandmothers
gold ring, my sweet 16 charm bracelet, my sorority pin, the pearls my
mom gave me on my wedding day, the list goes on.

We had a safe in our master bedroom closest, they cut the safe out of
the wall, ripped it from the studs and took it along with all of our
important documents. Yes they got our Social Security cards,
passports, birth certificates, credit cards, you name it – they have
it. I already was worried about Identity Protection, now I’m obsessed
about this


Now more than ever we need to stay on high alert of Identity Theft. On
top of that it’s tax time. I have four working teenagers, and it’s
hard to keep track of what jobs they did through the year. They worked
as camp counselors, held on campus jobs. Some did freelance work, my
daughter had a writing job for the newspaper, and a student teaching
job. That’s a lot of U.S. Post coming into the house.

I never thought about the safety of what was in our house, let alone
mail left in our mailbox because we live in a safe neighborhood – or
we thought so.

I do have a good place to start – Identity Guard Resource Center- it’s
filled with great information. We all need to be on the watch, and I
need to know how and what steps to take now. When I was asked to be a
brand ambassador for identity guard I had no idea how much I would
need their service and how simple and easy they make it.

My husband is ready to get on the same page and look into the Identity Protection he knows it’s important, and now the ease of Identity Guard.  It should take some of the worry out and, help us monitor and proactively watch, help keep us aware and alert. Here is the what I need to put my mind at ease.
Credit Monitoring
Public Record Monitoring
Identity Monitoring
Prompt Alerts.

As far as all the Tax information that my kids have from their jobs also being sent to our home. We all need to stay on top of it.

1. My working teens need to let me know what incoming financial information I should be watching for at home.

2. My working teens need to let me know about their W-2 , is it being sent to our home?

3. They must protect this information, it has personal identification
information that a thief could use. They should protect it and make
sure they also verify that it is a legitimate W-2.
4. If they don’t have it by now, they should track it down and find out
where it was sent, and if there is a need to worry.

We will try to take care of all the missing documents here at home,
but my kids know that while they are away at college, and
working they need to start being smart about their identity and tax
time is a great time to double check and get on top of their financial protection.
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Filers” of interest during tax time
If you want more information, come check out this link to information about enrolling
in the Identity guard child identity theft solution: Identity Guard® kIDSure®
This article on the Identity guard resource center has a lot of good
information and I will share this with my kids away at college. “It’s
Tax Season Again – Keep Eye Out for Important Documents”

Please keep your family safe – ‘Quick Start Guide to Child ID Theft: The consequences of child ID theft are staggering. Get all the facts you need to know.

Full Disclosure: This service and the book Bankrupt at Birth were
provided to me for review at no charge. In addition I received
monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.


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