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Do you have a product, business, or service that caters to women? Reach thousands of targeted visitors each month by advertising on! offers a wide variety of sponsorship and partnership opportunities to integrate your business, product, or service with our network of women across the globe.  Statistics show that women are THREE TIMES more likely to purchase a product if referred to it by another woman!  Our established contact with hundreds of women makes getting your product out into the market much easier, and potentially more successful!  With our help, publicize the product and/or service that could change other women’s lives, and be more successful in the process!


BKRMedia has a variety of methods to reach your fellow women where they’re at, all with the personalized touch that separates you from just another retail store.  Browse our advertisement options and choose the one that’s right for you.  Once you’ve done that, hurry and email us with your ad request!  Check the “Contacts” page for info on how to reach us.

Options include:
125×125 Banner Ad:  An easy solution to show your name to thousands of women.  125x125px ads are located on the sides of the webpages.
468×60 Banner Ad:  This option is for those looking for a more prominent advertisement.  The 480x60px is located at the top of every page and exclusive to only one holder.
If interested in one of these spots, send us an email with a sample of your advertisement images.  JPG, PNG, and GIF formats accepted.  No animations please.  Once your ad is approved, we will send you a confirmation email with instructions on payment.  Upon receipt of payment, your ad will run for 30 days.  If you wish for an extension, please notify us at least 72 hours before the time slot termination.  Once the 30 days is exhausted, your ad will be deleted from our server.  If you would like to renew the ad following termination, you will need to send us another copy of the ad image.


Business Opportunity Listing: also helps to promote business opportunities.  Each business opportunity is featured on every page in an exclusive “Featured Business Opportunities” section.  Located on the right side of the webpage, this section is easily seen by each visitor to the website.  Members of our featured section will also receive a text link to the business homepage, space for the business opportunity description (40 words or less), and a 125×125px button in our Business Opportunities section!
Top Spot Text Link:
This option gives you a direct text link to your site.  This link is strategically placed in the upper right-hand corner of each webpage on our site, under the heading “Are you in my top spots?” If interested, check the “Contacts” page and send us an email right away!
Text Link On Homepage:
The homepage text link is a very precise way to ensure visitors to our site see what you have to offer.  We provide a direct link to your website at the top of (only) our homepage, consisting of a 1-3 word business name or catchphrase.  If interested, check the “Contacts” page and send us an email right away!
Please include the following information in your email:
Who you are
What’s your company/What you’re selling
Where we can find it online
What type of ad you would like
How long it should run

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