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The  New Media Market

One day Seminar for Women Entrepreneurs

New to Social Media ~~You Don’t Want to Miss This Day!

Have you been procrastinating over Social Media?  Feeling intimidated by technology?  Or perhaps you’re wondering why and how websites like Twitter andFacebook can help you or your business?  Then, The New Media Market is for you!

According to Recent Survey…

  • 42 million US women use Social Networks (approx. 53% of 79M adult women use Social Media)
  • 75% participate weekly social media sites
  • 85% make buying decisions influenced by blogs
  • 39% spend less time reading newspaper
  • 36% spend less time reading magazines
  • 30% less time watching TV
    Resource: Blogher

This is your opportunity to “shop” for the social media tools that best suit your personal and business goals. This one day seminar will introduce you to the powerful and influential world of Social Media.  Hear how these free tools have helped many businesses to grow their brands and connect with customers.  Most importantly, get hands-on instruction in how to get started.

About Sessions

New Media Marketing Plan Success: Building on A, B, C, D, E on LinkedIn

Traditional business schools often teach the five Ps of marketing: product, place, price, packaging and promotion. In the new media market, marketing is all about Action, Brand, Community, Design and Experience. Discover how to build a marketing plan you can use to launch a company, grow an existing business or develop a community on LinkedIn. Session includes an interactive planner to make plans and chart progress.

Twitter: What, How & Why Does it Matter to You?

Social Media Networks like Twitter has changed the way we engage and communicate. From news reporters and talk show hosts tweeting and interacting with viewers to brands and bloggers engaging with one another and expanding their readership, those who are avid user are harnessing the power of social connections. Some organizations are tuning in and listening to what their customers are saying via on Twitter. This new media platform has allowed people globally to be connected more efficiently and in real time. Even some colleges are offering Social Media Education and Griffith University in Australia is making a class on Twitter mandatory for journalism students. This session will introduce Twitter:

  • What is It?
  • How to engage with people, establish long lasting relationships.
  • Why does it matter to your personal reputation or your business?

Personal Brand

Personal brands are a must if you’re a solo-prenuer. In fact, they’re important for professionals period. Learn how Sarah Evans uses social media for her business. She’ll share strategy must-haves, a personal case study and  tips to make you think. No, this isn’t going to make you an overnight success. It will get you thinking about more effective ways to use popular tools and plan for your future growth.

Blogs: The Mothership of New Media Marketing

Women are nearly twice as likely to use blogs than social networking sites as a source of information (64%), advice and recommendations (43%) and opinion-sharing (55%), while they are 50 percent more likely to turn to social networking sites as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family (75%). Source: BlogHer 2009 Women and Social Media Study

Learn how business blogs:

  • outperform traditional websites in search engines
  • support better customer communications with community comments
  • function as publishing platforms that share content around the web
  • conserve marketing and web development dollars
  • serve as marketing research centers

Vlog Your Heart Out

How video blogging can enhance virtually everything you create online.The #s tell it best. YouTube serves up over 10 Billion videos each month! If you are a blogger, a small business owner or a Fortune 500 organization, there is no doubt that video content brings in more views and return views than text. Learn how to start adding video to your personal or professional efforts online for great results. This session is your “What Not To Wear” for all things video. Tune in!

Best Face Forward

Image is everything when it comes to you and your business brand.  Learn what types of profile pictures are ideal for use on social media sites.  Learn tricks to look your best when working with web cams.  From wardrobe to makeup to lighting, television news veteran Nancy Loo will answer your questions and concerns so you can put your best face forward online! You’ll also learn how to get the attention of traditional media through the use of new media!

Marketing Tools for Your Sites

When talking about tools and ways to bring more readers to your website, most will assume that learning SEO is the only way. Sure that’s an important topic. But did you know there are many other free tools and ways available out there for you? I will walk you through in taking the steps to make sure that you take advantage of all the effective (and some free) marketing tools out there available for small businesses.

Hands On  Social Media Networks, Tools & Apps

This session will help you jump start your social media presence with hands on assistance:

  • Twitter profiles
  • Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Connect smart phones to your social media sites
  • Set up desktop applications to help you to stay socially organized
  • Introduce other tools, gadgets & apps that will enhance social media experience & more

Duong Sheahan, MJ Tam, Barbara Rozgonyi, Nancy Loo & Beth Rosen will be hosting The New Media Marketseminar.

*This one day event includes coffee & pastries in the morning & lunch provided by our Platinum Sponsor, Pinstripes!


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