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Life is about new beginnings.  Yes, raising a family is one of life’s greatest joys and challenges, but once the kids are older, a huge shift occurs. Our connections with our neighborhood community are changing. We’re no longer in the PTO.  Our kids aren’t in a playgroup.  We don’t have to drive them everywhere.  We’re not the “young mommy blogger,” newly discovering all the blessings of young parenthood.  We’re on to the next stage. This is our time now!

At Themidlifewife.com, join other tenured moms and share your stories, tips, and ideas.  Even if you’re a new mother, come listen to the experience of others who have been in your position.  While you’re here, you will find connections to all sorts of “mom resources,” from the latest kitchen gadget to what other mothers are doing for fun.  But most of all, here you can be yourself.  Let those of us at Midlife Wife get to know you.  Mothers are people too, right?

…Come build this community share your stories, hints, tips, ideas, resources…we are excited to be a place where you can just be. Let us know who you are and help us connect.


Beth Rosen has been creating media for over 20 years. Out of college she worked as a commercial and film producer. It was during the filming of political commercials in Chicago back in 1989 when Beth went from being a producer to a reproducer and had her first son Zack two months premature. Zack is now almost 20 and fine. Beth then had 3 more children. She had 4 kids under the age 4. It was at that time Beth created the first radio program created by moms for moms. Called Mom Talk Radio. That program ran from 1994-2000. Today Mom Talk Radio continues to grow and inspire moms thanks to Maria Bailey who is one of America’s most respected and recognized moms. Beth has continued where she left off and is producing commercials, podcasts, and videos in the Chicago market. Beth now runs BKR Media home to 2broadscasting.com, Twobroadscasting.com, Themediamoms.com, Themidlifewife.com, Bestofblogstalkradio.com, Mothersofinventiontv.com. Beths current show can be found on NBCchicago.com The Broads Budget Bits will soon hit radio airwaves across America again .