Since my nest at home is empty – I have 3 college kids and a son who lives in New York full time, I don’t do a lot of cooking any more. So when they all came in for the Holiday it was a great chance to try the NINJA COOKING SYSTEM. I was able to prep, brown, and cook all in this one pot. I made a complete meal in this one single pot. It cooked the pasta and the whole meal took 30 minutes from start to “Time to Eat”

I so loved this easy to use system, and my family loved the simple homemade meal. I made Hearty Skillet Lasagna – and it’s now the new family fav.

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Do you know who’s posing as your child this Halloween? Protect their identity

It’s Hallowe’en and that wonderful question, you ask every year: What are you going to be? But how about: Who are you going to be?  Last year there were 142,000 cases of child identity theft. Scary, huh? I happened across this fact when I was recently asked to join a Brand Ambassador program and review a new book, Bankrupt at Birth, by Joe Mason. It’s a great read –lot’s of good and shocking sorties about the real danger to children how this can affect their abilities to become financially independent, And who doesn’t want to help their kids achieve that?

I figured it would be a great conversation to have with my gang, all in college. Except that the book  Bankrupt at Birth taught me a whole lot more, facts about finances and identity theft that made my hair stand on end. Did you know that your child’s social security number is a very valuable item? There are people out there who’s sole purpose is to steal your child’s identity. And once they do, and they use it for a spending spree, or to take out a loan, it’s a really long road to recovering it.  And the frightening facts continue; the identity theft can go completely undetected for years, until that moment your child applies for their first job, or for college, or a loan, or a lease and suddenly, you have a major problem on your hands.

According to Mason’s book, 15% of child identity victims are younger than five and 27% are six to 10 years old. And while you’re adding up the cost of the trick or treating candy, the costumes, and the messiness of carving that pumpkin, think about the messiness and cost of child identity theft — around $12,779.

So here’s the deal. While you’re busy worrying about keeping them safe while they’re trick or treating, whether they’ll get cavities, whether they’ll  be out too late on a school night, and are they going to be Superman or a Scientist, think about this: Is their social security number safe?

Its Hallowe’en folks but there’s really no need to be freaked. You can prevent child identity theft before it’s too late. We have the resources and information. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting more on it. For now take a look at the site, treat yourself to a copy of the book and make sure that you stay in control of the fright night this year.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Family

1. Start by going to the web site  IsMyKid — free information kit — includes a free preview chapter from Joe’s book — that can help protect your child from identity theft:

2. Look at some of the resources

·         Quick Start Guide to Child ID Theft: The consequences of child ID theft are staggering. Get all the facts you need to know.

·         Risk Factors Worksheet: Review the Risk Factors to see where you can eliminate some risk for your kids.

·         Bankrupt at Birth: eBook Excerpt: Get a glimpse into a new book whose authors are on a mission to end child identity theft.

Joe Mason, author of Bankrupt at Birth, interviewed on BetterTV as part of a series of 6 interviews. This is the link to his first segment, which aired 9/17/12:   “Bankrupt at Birth by Joe Mason”

 IsMyKid — free information kit — includes a free preview chapter from Joe’s book — that can help protect your child from identity theft:
Find out more about how to protect your kids from ID theft in our excerpt of Bankrupt at Birth, a shocking new book whose authors are on a mission to end identity theft.  Or learn more about how Identity Guard® kID SureSM can help protect your kids.

Here is a sample of what you can find on the site

 Is your kid an active internet user – emailing, mobile phones and participating on social media sites such as Facebook?  

FACT: Facebook has exposed more than five million online U.S. households to some type of abuse including virus infections, identity theft, and bullying. Consumer Reports estimated that malware cost consumers $2.3 billion last year and forced them to replace 1.3 million PCs, and that nearly 30 percent of respondents didn’t take precautions to secure their phones.

What you can do: Talk to your kids about computer security and supervise what they’re doing online.  Be sure to secure your computer and mobile devices with passwords, antivirus and keylogging protection.  Set a reminder for yourself and your kids to change your passwords at least once per quarter and be sure to use strong passwords that can’t be guessed easily

Don’t be afraid to check out and learn all about the importance of helping your kids keeps identity safe.

Full Disclosure: This service and the book Bankrupt at Birth were provided to me for review at no charge. In addition I received monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.

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